Santa to visit area neighborhoods on Christmas Eve

Once again, Jolly Saint Nick will visit Swainsboro neighborhoods for the fifth year. Santa has been in touch with Chief Mike Strobridge and the Swainsboro firefighters, requesting their assistance in guiding his annual trip to visit the good children. Santa will once again ride upon his highly decorated No. 7 Sleigh.

Beginning at 5 p.m., Santa will travel down Main Street to Walmart after a meet-and-greet with children, then his journey will continue to the following streets:

South Main Street, Youmans Avenue, Soloman Street, Neal Street, and Richard Street for the first stop; Harmon, Lakewood Drive, Meadowlake Parkway, Injunction Road, South Main Street to Meadowlake Parkway to Industrial Way, Elmer Street to Lambs Bridge Road to Claxton Avenue and Jones Avenue for the second stop; onto Lambs Bridge Road and Market Street to Stevens Drive, South Anderson Drive, Turner Drive, Fortune Loop onto Prosperity Drive, Lake Luck Drive onto East Main Street to Advantage Lane, Friendly Way, Happiness Drive for the third stop by Freedom Street, continuing ontoEast Pine Street, Norwood Avenue, and King Circle Drive for the fourth stop; Waller Pass, Ben Street, William Street to Rentz Street, MLK to Center Street, onto Longview Road, Fowler Street, North Coleman Ext., Wells, Old Wadley Road, R.J. Holder Road onto North Main Street, Stallion Road, Christopher Drive, McKenzie Drive, back to North Main Street onto MLK, onto Wells Street, Shearhouse Street, Robin Street, across Kite Road onto Golf Drive, onto Barbara Avenue, Oak Lawn Drive to Kite Road, then McLeod Bridge Road to North Green Street, onto Lucky Street and North Racetrack Street for the fifth stop between West Church and West Pine streets, West Pine Street, Roberts Street, onto West Main Street, onto Tyson Street to West Moring Street to Arden Drive, Azalea Circle, Rosedale Circle, back to Arden Drive, across Old Nunez Road to Maurice Drive, Poplar Street to Calhoun Street, Mary Ann Drive, onto West Moring Street to Central Street and West Pine Street to fire