Swainsboro-Emanuel County Development Authority

The mission of the Swainsboro-Emanuel County Development Authorities is to promote a balanced and healthy economy; creating economic diversity by recruiting new industrial jobs and assisting existing firms to grow and prosper. Operating as a Joint Development Authority, representing both the city and county, provides employers with a single point of contact focused on simplifying and expediting the process.

Board Members

Will Donaldson, Chairman

Wade Johnson, Vice-Chairman

Jack Bareford, President/Secretary

Cason Devane, Board Member

Butch Frye, Board Member

Tim Garrett, Board Member

Kenny Griffin, Board Member

Richard L. McNeely, Attorney

Jim Mercer, Board Member

Ken Warnock, CEO


Jack Bareford, President

E-Mail: jbareford@goemanuel.org

Ken Warnock, CEO

E-Mail: kjcw@goemanuel.org

102 South Main Street

Swainsboro, GA  30401

Phone:(478) 237-6426

FAX: 478-237-7460