Real Estate

big_595City Taxes:

Swainsboro property tax bills are mailed out to property owners in October of each year and are due in one payment by the last business day of December. City Taxes can be paid at City Hall in Downtown Swainsboro. For more information on your City Taxes please contact (478) 237-7025.

Tax Assessors Information:

The Emanuel County Tax Assessor is an appointed official charged with determining the value of each taxable property in a County. This information is then used by the locality to determine the necessary rate of taxation to support the community’s annual budget. If the assessed value of property has changed from one year to the next, a notification is sent by the Tax Assessor during the month of April. Tax bills are mailed out to property owners in October of each year and are due in one payment by the last business day of December.

To access Property Records, Estimate Taxes, or Download Forms for big_545Emanuel County CLICK HERE

Building Permits

The purpose of the building permit application process is to ensure that any construction/renovation work performed is structurally sound and complies with all applicable City Code regulations. Building Permits can be acquired by the City of Swainsboro’s Building Inspector located at 101 West Main Street. For more information please contact the Building Inspector at (478) 237-7025.

For the Building Permit Fee Schedule please CLICK HERE

Real Estate

Swainsboro provides an atmosphere of small town living with the hospitality and tranquility of the true southern experience. Nestled between Augusta, Macon and Savannah, Swainsboro also offers the convenience of being located in the heart of one of the fastest growing and culturally rich regions of the Southeastern United States. Swainsboro is a known as being a great place to visit but a better place to live! The community offers a full range of options for housing. Whether you are interested in renting an apartment or buying your dream home, the following agencies can help get you settled into your new life in historic Swainsboro, Georgia!big_455


Kilpatrick and Sconyers Agency, Inc.

Julian Sconyers, Owner
P.O. Box 307
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-2291
Fax: (478) 237-6115

Livingston Realty

Scott Livingston, Owner
P.O. Box 646
107 Tiger Trail
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-3942big_446
Fax: (478) 237-3942

Prudential Kennedy Realty

Brandon Parker, Realtor
1000 Bremuda Run Road
Statesboro, GA30458
Phone: (912) 764-1128
Fax: (912) 764-8810

East Georgia Realty

Ricky Smith, Owner
P.O. Box 801
212 Mabel Avenue
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-6181

Residential Rentals:

Holsonback Rentals

G.B. Holsonback, Owner
(478) 237-7948

Jordan Estates

Christina Dupree
221 East Pine Street
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-9223
Fax: (478) 237-9997

Moring Streets Apartments

Sonya McKinzie, Manager
409 West Main Street
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-9780
Fax: (478) 237-9780

Pine Ridge Apartments

Bo Lariscy, Owner Manager
Old Wadley Road and Veal Street
Swainsboro, GA30401
(478) 237-8213

Pine Terrace Villas

Tonya Underwood, Manager
120 Louise Street
Swainsboro, GA 30401
(478) 494-0084

R and R Properties

Billy Rich and Bobby Reeves, Owners
P.O. Box 1230
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-6077
Fax: (478) 237-6066

Secab Properties, LLC.

Russell Thornton, Owner
Phone: (478) 763-2444
Fax: (478) 763-4088

Swainsboro Apartments

Sonya McKinzie, Manager
335 East Pine Street #27
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-2481
Fax: (478) 237-9780

Swainsboro Presbyterian Apartments

Nettie Drew
310 Mary Anne Street
Swainsboro, GA30401
Phone: (478) 237-3511
Fax: (478) 237-3512

Thompson Rentals

John Thompson, Owner
(478) 237-2481

Housing Programs

The Housing Authority of the City of Swainsboro is dedicated to providing affordable and quality housing opportunities, community services, and customer satisfaction to low and moderate income persons through effective management and wise stewardship of public funds and partnerships with our residents and others to enhance the quality of life in our communities. If you would like more information on the Housing Authority of Swainsboro please visit 420 North Racetrack Street or call (478) 237-7381.