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The following list includes links to organizations, partners, and friends of the City of Swainboro that may be of interest to you (if your group would like a link posted on this site, please send a request to the City of Swainsboro at information@cityofswainsboro.org):

welcomeGovernment and Business

Chamber of Commerce

Joint Development Authority

Tax Commissioners Office

Emanuel County

City Departments

Georgia Rural Economic Development Center


Schools and Colleges

Emanuel County Board of Education

East Georgia State College

Southeastern Technical College


Forest Blade

Arts Organizations

Emanuel Arts Council, Inc.


Pine Tree Festival and Timber Exposition

Swainsboro Raceway

Hunting and Lodges

Flat Creek Lodge

Local Artists and Musicians

Emanuel County Images on FLICKR

Desmundo Gallery

Mary Bragg: Singer/Songwriter


First of all, Thank You for your interest in Swainsboro! We hope you find this website to be a useful tool in introducing our wonderful community to you. The backbone of Swainsboro is its very active, energetic and kind community members. This site is a celebration of the efforts of those who work every day to make Swainsboro a better place to live and work. We would like to thank the City Council of Swainsboro, Mayor Charles Schwabe, City Administrator, all the Department Heads and their staffs, The Chamber of Commerce, Joint Development Authority and Emanuel County officials for their help in gathering information and sharing images for this site. The Downtown Development Authority Board and its Director played a significant role in planning, implementing and updating The City of Swainsboro’s website and we are ever grateful for their interest in creating an extensive and informative site that showcases the community. This site would not have been possible without the kind support of Mr. Jackson Bareford of the Georgia Rural Economic Development Center who has always offered endless support in promoting rural initiatives.

There are too many community members and organizations who donated time, images, content and feedback to name in one sitting. The City of Swainsboro would like to offer its greatest gratitude to Kim Folds, Desmal Purcell, Bryan Ghiloni, The Forest Blade Newspaper, Tony Bellamy, Gloria Mason, Ed Daniels, The Emanuel Artist’s Guild, Anthony Faris, Heather Townsend and our many Flickr contacts who selflessly offered their images to post. We would also like to thank every community member who offered to share their personal stories for the History Sections especially Jimmy Morgan and Eddie Lewis. The BOE, Superintendent, East Georgia College, Swainsboro Technical College, Emanuel County Elections and Sherry Coxwell also offered invaluable information during this process. Mr. Dwight Watt built the first City of Swainsboro website and managed its upkeep for years free of charge to the community. The City is forever thankful for Mr. Watt’s spirit of giving and efforts to promote our community.

The City of Swainsboro is fortunate to have a proactive Government and engaged community members! Whether you are a resident who moved here from Oregon, one of the visitors who faithfully attend The Art Stroll each month from Atlanta, a community member who has lived here all their life, a volunteer with a local Civic Group who donates their time each weekend or a business who has decided to relocate to Swainsboro, the City is thankful that you are involved in this very special community.

The designer who created the current site is Nick Kask of Kaskcreativity. Mr. Kask is an enormously talented web designer and graphic artist currently living in SC but he grew up in Swainsboro. We would like to end this section with a special thank you to Mr. Kask for not only designing an amazing website but helping to depict the true spirit of Swainsboro. Thank you.