1. courthouse1What famous country star played his first concert in Swainsboro?
  2. For over 60 years, Swainsboro has held a Festival to celebrate what?
  3. How many Courthouses has Emanuel County had?
  4. Which building in Swainsboro was the first to have indoor plumbing and electricity?
  5. What Pulitzer Prize winning author attended The Coca Cola Bottling Plant’s annual Swainsboro BBQ in the 1930’s? 
  6. In 1854, Swainsboro was renamed for three years. What did Swainsboro change its name to?
  7. What two Highways intersect in the heart of downtown Swainsboro to form a main North/South East/West crossroads?margaret_mitchell

BONUS QUESTION: Where did these Highways begin and end?







  1. Hank Williams Jr.
  2. The Pine Tree
  3. Eight
  4. Coleman House 
  5. Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind 
  6. Paris
  7. U.S 1 and Highway 80

ANSWER TO BONUS QUESTION: U.S 1 begins at Key West, Florida and ends in Fort Kent, Maine. Highway 80 begins at Tybee Island, Georgia and once ended in San Diego, California.