Downtown Projects

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is currently entering a new phase of Revitalization in the Downtown District. The list below highlights a few of the projects The City and DDA are pursuing in the coming year:

Main Streets Program:

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Office of Downtown Development (ODD) coordinates the Georgia Main Street and Better Hometown programs. These programs assist Georgia cities and neighborhoods in the development of their core commercial areas. Assistance provided by the Office of Downtown Development emphasizes community-based, self-help efforts grounded in the principles of professional, comprehensive management of core commercial districts. Communities are expected to work within the context of historic preservation and the National Main Street Center’s Four-point Approach to Downtown Revitalization™: Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring and Promotion. As of 2007, over one hundred cities have joined these programs. Swainsboro was originally designated as one of the first Main Streets Programs in the State of Georgia. Efforts are currently being made to reinstitute the program into the center of the Downtown Development Authority’s efforts to revitalize the region.

Department of Community Affairs Resource Team:

Quality Growth Resource Teams help communities identify solutions to their growth and development issues; learn about innovative planning practices and promote quality growth concepts. These on-site visits, organized by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), provide both private consultants who are considered experts in their fields and subject matter experts from DCA and other state agencies. At little cost to the host community, these volunteers give a broad range of recommendations and solutions to the community’s specific land use and development issues.

Residential Property Development:

Downtown Swainsboro is working with local property owners to revitalize the region through growth in the Residential Sector. Several properties have been identified as prime candidates for growth for Downtown Residential Loft Living. The Downtown Development Authority in conjunction with the Department of Community Affairs, City of Swainsboro, and Property owners will be investing in Residential Property Development in the coming year.

Farmer’s Building- New Downtown Mall:

The City of Swainsboro has permitted the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to revive the old Farmer’s Building on West Main Street. The DDA is developing architectural plans to create a Downtown Mall that features facilities for a communal market, arts, and antiques emporium. In the coming year, the DDA will continue to grow the concept for the benefit of not only the Downtown region, but for the whole community!

Downtown Streetscape Improvements:

The goal of the Downtown Streetscape Project is to improve the sidewalks in the Downtown region. The project will lay a new brick pattern on the sidewalks, install new lampposts, upgrade Downtown traffic signals, and create green spaces in the four entrances to the Downtown Historic District.

Comprehensive Vision:

In conjunction with the City of Swainsboro, Joint Development Authority, Emanuel County officials, and the Swainsboro/Emanuel County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Development Authority is creating a comprehensive vision for Downtown Swainsboro. The vision will include plans to grow retail, office, and residential property as well as create innovate cultural programming for the region.