Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter

Not Too Old to Love
By Shari Watt

The Emanuel County Humane Society is partnering with The Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter/Swainsboro Animal Shelter to showcase some of the most over-looked dogs of any shelter, “Our Senior Dogs.” Over the next few weeks we will feature pictures and stories of some of our Senior residents of the shelter. We hope their stories will warm your heart enough to consider adopting one of these special dogs.

Most of the time when a potential adopter walks through a shelter looking at the dogs, and they come to an older dog, who is graying around the muzzle, they’re probably thinking, “They’re too old,” “They’re worthless, ”or“ I don’t want a dog who has one foot in the grave.” So the people pass by the older dog and look at the younger dogs available for adoption. There are things you must consider about older dogs. They’re hearing and eyesight may not be as good as it once was, and they may not move as quickly. However, senior dogs won’t chew up things, they don’t jump all over you. They are settled and willing to stay at home (when spayed/neutered). They can be some of the most loyal and loving companion animals you’ll meet.

In order for us to showcase these dogs, Barb Moore and I spent an afternoon at the shelter meeting these amazing dogs. Pictures were taken and we had some one- on- one time with each dog. They were walked around the shelter to visit with other dogs and then they were taken to a quieter area to get to know their personalities. We spent time talking to them and loving them. They truly enjoyed their time out of their pens and being with people who love them. They have so much love to give and we hope their stories will inspire you to want to come down to the shelter and meet our senior dogs. They all have a story to tell. We hope their stories will help them get a second chance to live and love in their forever homes. They still have a lot of loving to give. You can make this possible by adopting one of these dogs.

Thanks to Terwilliger’s and several individuals who have sponsored our “ Senior Dog Spotlight” Their generous contributions to the Emanuel County Humane Society will be used to pay for the spaying/neutering, adoption fees and rabies shots on our featured dogs. We are offering Free adoptions on these dogs to families who can give them the love and care they deserve.